Beautiful Oregon Land

Are you trying to find cheap land for sale in Oregon?

Affordable Land, No Hassles. We offer cheap Oregon Land with no credit checks or background checks. With our low down payment, you can purchase a parcel for just $50 and the monthly payment as low as $100. Visit our listings to see how easy it is to purchase land in Oregon with the auction format.

Rainfall. It averages 13 inches precipitation a year and over 300 of sunshine each year. It is where people come who are looking for great outdoor adventures throughout the year.

Waterfront and Power. Where else can you be close to the ocean, mountains, rivers lakes and streams?? Some of the properties are near the town of Bonanza and have power while others are more remote.

As a family we have continued as a third and fourth generation family selling land. It is because of this long history of acquiring land at reduced costs that we are able to offer this land for sale to our customers at a huge savings.

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